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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowing in STG!!!!

Can you believe it once in a blue moon we get snow but not for Three Days It is so pretty and it feels like Christmas!!! My kids are so excited.


tammy said...

James, that is cool. I remember it snowed once while I lived there. We had a few skiffs but one real live snow storm. It almost seems like magic~doesn't it?! Love your pics!

Christina said...

Snow is so novel for us and my kids are also so excited! We played in it today. It does help with the Christmas spirit!!!

Kortney Manning said...

I love that it took the entire front yard to make a snowman! Those ice cycles on your slideshow look so real, I thought they were coming off your house in that first picture! No snow for us...it's a balmy 70 degrees and we are LOVING it!!